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Controlling model characters of different races

For models that are an easy 1:1 scale of player to model, controlling the model is simple, much like in this video here : Youtube Example of Player Controlled Model. What we are working on is scaling, so a player can control a smaller race, or bigger race, without having to actually be that size. The first test case is with the Dwarf model. We are working on scaling the control points for the VRIK to account for smaller arms, head, and legs. This may be done using an initial mapping of player height and armspan, but still needs a lot of work. Part of the idea for multiplayer is seeing the characters fighting, casting spells, and waving/dancing/flipping you the bird. Its all part of the experience, and this will be huge...

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Next steps of development – Multiplayer!

The big day for the release of Chapter 1 for the single player mode is set for Monday, Oct 31 at 9am EST!

This marks a huge turning point, and from here we hope to add so much content on a weekly basis. The wheels are turning on development to get multiplayer in your hands before the new year, with support for 40-60 pop servers, as well as spinning up instanced servers for smaller groups that form and want the different zones to themselves. The first multiplayer release will include a few races to play as, including the Draconians, Dwarves, Humans, and Elves. This also includes beautiful home cities for each (some that are already done), as well as starting zones to hunt and level up in...

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New website up!

Hey everyone, we have launched the new version of the website for Draconic Order! We hope to slowly roll more content out, and will be adding the forums back, as well as details about what positions we have open on the team. For now, you can reach out to us with information on yourself if you want to become involved with the game or the organization! We will eventually be pulling multiplayer alpha testers from the Early Access release players, as well as looking for artists and modelers who see opportunities to improve the game with their own personal ideas.


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