Next steps of development – Multiplayer!

The big day for the release of Chapter 1 for the single player mode is set for Monday, Oct 31 at 9am EST!

This marks a huge turning point, and from here we hope to add so much content on a weekly basis. The wheels are turning on development to get multiplayer in your hands before the new year, with support for 40-60 pop servers, as well as spinning up instanced servers for smaller groups that form and want the different zones to themselves. The first multiplayer release will include a few races to play as, including the Draconians, Dwarves, Humans, and Elves. This also includes beautiful home cities for each (some that are already done), as well as starting zones to hunt and level up in. Armor slots are being added which adds character depth to the game, as well as visible stats for your player.

We are very excited to bring the first chapter to you in just a few days, and your feedback from it will fuel how Classes work, and how you want to see multiplayer function. We look forward to the big day, and hope you are as well. Regardless of how many people buy the game, the core folks who are already supporting us provide enough to ramp up development time and cover costs for the flurry of new models being created. Server costs will come out of pocket, which is no big deal, since the goal is to reach a much bigger audience once multiplayer goes live. The cost of the game will go up around then (Christmas time), and that increase plus new sales will fuel the rest of the team expansion to cover the other cities, races, classes, and dungeons.

Thanks for your support again! See you Monday!

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