Controlling model characters of different races

For models that are an easy 1:1 scale of player to model, controlling the model is simple, much like in this video here : Youtube Example of Player Controlled Model. What we are working on is scaling, so a player can control a smaller race, or bigger race, without having to actually be that size. The first test case is with the Dwarf model. We are working on scaling the control points for the VRIK to account for smaller arms, head, and legs. This may be done using an initial mapping of player height and armspan, but still needs a lot of work. Part of the idea for multiplayer is seeing the characters fighting, casting spells, and waving/dancing/flipping you the bird. Its all part of the experience, and this will be huge. The full-blooded Draconians are a bit bigger than normal humans and elves, so it will use a similar tactic to how the Dwarf issue gets solved.

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