Join The Team

Do you hear the call of the Dragons?

If you have a huge imagination, a love to see your contributions help complete a picture, or have your own vision for a certain corner of the game, we would love to hear from you!

It takes all types to build such a large game, which has the benefit of having many opportunities to get involved at any level. Ranging from Community Leaders who want to help bridge the gap of ideas and valuable feedback from everyday players getting to the right development teammembers, orchestrating in game events and planning for new content, to looking for environmental artists to create beautiful worldscapes that bring life to the inhabinants of that realm, to passionate 3d modelers who can bring characters and creatures into the world from simple ideas and suggestions for the forums. Everyone who wants a place can certainly have a place.

There have never been any single person MMOs that lived that long. Being that this game is made FOR the HTC Vive community, we are looking for those who also love the current and future vision just as much, and who could add their own personal touches to the game, story, mechanics, and items. This worls is big enough for the both of us, partner. So drop a line @