Feature Roadmap

Mind Map and Formal Roadmap Coming Soon!

The biggest issue with having a small, niche game (in this case, developing what will be an online/offline RPG for the HTC Vive), multiplayer games can be the “flavor of the week”, where players flock to servers for a bit, then leave the game like a ghosttown when the next big multiplayer game comes out. There are a few ways to combat this, and this is the approach taken by Draconic Order so far.

  • Create Singleplayer Campaigns
  • Allow player’s to build their own Dungeons or Zones, for anyone to play and critique
  • Allow for higher-level players to scale or nerf their player down to lower levels so they can group with friends
  • Spend good money on quality modelers and environmental artists to continue to carve out the exact vision for certain zones, races, and dungeons. This also helps fuel creativity from players since all content becomes available in the Dungeon/Zone Builder
  • Create classes designed around concepts of Virtual Reality that make people rethink what it would be like in a virtual RPG, playing alongside friends. What is your role, and who are you?
  • The possibility of opening up the game to non-VR players, to stack the multiplayer numbers and keep town populations healthy. Everyone has friends who don’t have a Vive, but they would love to experience playing alongside someone who is in VR, seeing their hands and head move, casting spells and saving their ass from time to time.

Early Access is just the beginning!

So many people have dreamt of having an incredible online RPG experience, hopping from zone to zone, meeting new people and learning more about the world and items around them. This is evident from the amount of failed Kickstarters who have this same idea, but unsuccessfully put their ideas into play. Yes, this is Early Access, and is only launching with single player, but the game is proof of the solid platform on which to build the rest of these incredible ideas.

Weekly updates to add content held out for now will allow us to test the concepts for classes and specific skills to be used in multiplayer, and shape the archtypes around the feedback given by real players. Again, something very few Kickstarter’s for online RPG’s are actually able to accomplish. This is your chance to get involved in the community, help it grow, and as long as we earn and keep your respect, you should feel confident in the longevity of the project. It is being built BY players FOR players. Cliche? You bet. But that is absolutely the truth, and we look forward to playing alongside you in the world that both we, and you, help create.